How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Android Phone

Sending text messages is very popular nowadays. It is one of the fastest ways to communicate with everyone across the world. Within minutes, you can send a text and you get a reply back.

You use a cell phone and web services to send messages. This could be free of charge and most mobile networks offer unlimited texting as well. You enjoy the cheapest method to communicate with people anywhere in the world.

Text messages can be short words or long sentences. It depends on what you want to let the other person know. On that thought, what do you usually state in your messages?

You can input anything that comes to your mind. A simple greeting of “hi’ or “hello” to friends and family let them know you have them in mind. how to find hidden text messages on phone

You can convey good morning wishes and good night greetings. Many short messages come in the form of jokes. You can send the joke of the day if you have this habit of sending daily jokes to your circle of friends. Some send inspiring messages that offer beautiful quotes and poetry.

You can type about the latest celebrity news. You can let friends know where to shop for the best discounts. You can set up get-togethers by messaging friends where to meet up after work. You may get surprise messages from long-lost friends.

Text messages can be about sadness, informing you of some bad news about someone you know. It would be disheartening to know that someone you know passed away through this kind of communication.

Likewise, mobile messages could be bearer of good news. Your friend could send you a message about a good business deal, a new promotion, an engagement or a wedding. You can send forward messages to encourage a friend who is experiencing some rough times.

Send out messages about promos and marketing. You receive information that about new products and services of companies, bargains, freebies and other useful data.

You can send messages to talk to friends and family. Instead of calling, you save on costs because texting is free and at times, unlimited. As long as your cell phone is fully charged, you can forward messages for a longer time.


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